Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations

Our semi-custom invitations put the emphasis on custom. While the base designs serve as a starting point—which streamlines the design process and puts you in control of your invitation budget—these invitation suites offer font and color choices, custom artwork additions, enclosure options and all the luxurious extras available with fully custom work!

Scroll down for more about the process, or start browsing designs here!

The Process

  1. Choose your design. This will serve as the base for your
    entire invitation suite.
  2. Customize: Choose a font combination from our expertly designed options. Some invitations can also be modified with custom colors and papers, see listing for specifics. Choose your custom design options such as a venue sketch, monogram or map.
  1. Add enclosures: Choose RSVPs, information cards, and more to make sure your guests are prepared for your big day!
  2. Add upgrades: Letterpress accents, wax seals and pocket folders are what takes an invitation from beautiful to extraordinary! Want more information? Get in touch!
  1. Check out. Don’t forget to email your final wording if you didn’t enter it during the check out process!
  2. Proof: You’ll receive a PDF proof within five business days. You can either respond with any changes or let me know it’s good to go to print! Production time may take as little as three or up to ten business days depending on which options you’ve chosen.

Any questions? Get in touch via email or call (513) 748-6955 during shop hours.

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